Dear Realfine Ladies,


Whether I was walking across the stage in a bikini, or caking on my makeup before a basketball game, I never felt confident and sexy in my own skin. I have tried every scar cream, acne cream, face wash, you name it and I've tried. Nothing ever seemed to work. Over the past 5 years as a bikini fitness competitor, I have gone through so many hormonal changes that once left my skin looking blotchy, dry, uneven and even dehydrated. I didn't have the knowledge of a daily face routine and what ingredients were going to work for my skin specifically. I felt insecure, always hid behind my makeup, and sometimes feeling like I didn't want to leave the house. So what I started doing was researching all natural face products on the market, looking for 5 star reviews, cheap products, but doing it all wrong! What I did was compare my skin to girls who were "flawless" from head to toe, then thought to myself: "If only I could make my own all natural, organic, AND VEGAN friendly products for women of ALL skin tones, texture, age and color." That's when Realfine Skincare was invented. Our products are handcrafted and bottled straight from inside my own home located in Sunny San Diego. 


During the process of searching for the right products to fulfill my ingredients, i had spent countless of hours to find the best results within my ingredient combinations. The moment i discovered the ingredients that worked best for me and all my test models of different skin tones and textures, i knew i was on to something amazing! My products are designed to allow every women to feel real fine, confident and sexy in their your skin. Allowing our skin to breath plays a huge part on how healthy our skin looks. Now that I have been able to create products that have changed not just giving me clear skin, but giving me that confidence I have been craving for years. I've said good-bye to my makeup almost 4 months ago and was able to get my sexy back. Now this is my time to share my products to women all over the world who are looking to gain that confidence back.



                                                                                       Ashley McWhorter


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